Sunday, October 25, 2009

HFX Pop Explosion Drummers Pt. 3

Well, I kind of lost track of my mission as the Pop Explosion went on. Early on I found lots of opportunities to talk to the other bands, mingle around, etc... and it was easy to get submissions from the other drummers some of whom I haven't met before and some of whom I have. As the days went on I started to get more interested and really take advantage of my band pass, going to four different venues a night, trying to see as much as I could without having any downtime, which is when I would get most of my submissions. Thankfully, the Pop Explosion always runs on time, and I got too see mostly everything I wanted. Unfortunately, I sort of lost focus.

Basically what I'm trying to tell you is that the first two nights of Pop Ex, I was able to wrangle three entries from other drummers, but in the following three days, I wound up with two.

So here they are.

Frank Cox-O'connell of Toronto's Boys Who Say No

Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

"The drums on this record sound incredible, they are perfectly tuned."

Jason Burns of Cape Breton's Mardeen

"They left the squeaky kick drum in Since I've Been Loving You because it is a perfect performance."

So there. Two submissions, a classic and another one I have already written about before. It's not entirely my fault I didn't do better. This was an awesome Pop Explosion. It's hard to be professional when you are caught up in it all.

In no particular order I :

Saw twenty-six bands, 12 of which were awesome.

Played three sets in one night.

Drank my weight in Coors light.

had 38 fantastic conversations.

Get beer poured on me four times.

Met fifteen new people.

Poured beer on Myles Deck three times.

Re-charged a diffused Matt Pollard.

Saw the Sean Macgillivray "You just poured beer all over my drums" Face of Death (or the SMFOD, for you texters.)

More A Less V.

Saw my very first, full on, Establishment mosh pit.

And lots more I can't even try to describe.

Thanks Halifax.

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